Saturday, April 27, 2013

Baja Bullets


In this one, Bay sails to Baja where he takes on a treasure hunting pair of lesbians who want to crew south aboard ‘Baye Rumb.’ They meet with pirates who capture the girls for sex and take the catamaran for running drugs, while Bay and a government agent are left adrift in an inflatable at sea. Rescue only leads to confrontation with a drug cartel that leaves Bay dying in the Mexican desert where he’s rescued by a shrimp fisherman, and his daughter, Consuela. Aboard the shrimper, Bay meets Dante, who is part of everything rotten going on in La Paz besides carrying a lust for the young Consuela. In a drug war, Bay dodges bullets while losing everything, and barely escapes with his life. 

“Baja Bullets” is the fourth of the Baylor Rumble series, the others being: “Bad Girl Dead,” “Bleeding Sisters,” “Catalina Killers,” all available through online book outlets. All Bay wants to do is sail his self-designed, self-built 30’ catamaran to world ports but he keeps getting delayed by treachery and murder.


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