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George Snyder


Benjamin Steele (Ben), our seasoned thief, is having an affair with Aubrey Blair; whose husband Jason has an $18K poker gambling debt to Ryan Silky, River Beach club owner. Silky hired Kurt Noland to forcefully collect from a list of heavy debtors, Jason at the top. Steele’s long time friend, Seth Tanker, wants Steele to head a heist of two million from oil exec, Price Sydney, retired judge, Aldrich Thorne, and Senator Mansfield Monroe. The money is being used to buy senator votes for added offshore drilling platforms. Demonstrators clutter downtown River Beach. The same night Steele breaks it off with Aubrey, Jason is killed in a foggy alley. Police suspect Ben Steele.

            Kurt Noland begins collection, forcefully using a mistress, wife, daughter—whatever is necessary to get the debt paid. With Jason dead, and Aubrey broke, Noland learns Jason was having an affair with Victoria (Vicki) Sydney, wife of oil exec, Price. He gets rid of Aubrey, plays with Vicki, collects money due and moves on. Then he learns from Ryan Silky about the political bribe money heist.    

            Steele, who wants out of the criminal life, is reluctantly in, despite the dysfunctional, screwed-up crew—cokehead April Lake; sickly Bart Wagoner; slow-witted Clem Krutsinger; driver Jerry Tucker, who has an ambitious wife, Yvette, who tells everything she knows from husband Jerry to her boyfriend, Wade Harley.

            Romance flourishes between Ben Steele and April Lake. The heist goes off, only Wade Harley and his pal, Bud, are waiting for the split. In a shoot-out, Harley and Bud get the money to the motel where Yvette waits, and helps herself to the cash. Kurt Noland has been following, and takes Yvette and the money to Silky, and torches his club, while Yvette and waitress friends Ava and Lois relieve the men of the money. After a double-cross, Ava takes the money from the girls who get it back then are chased by Ben Steele, who takes it from them. Noland kidnaps April Lake, who has been having a thing with Steele, to swap for the cash, and in a gunfight exchange, Ben Steele gets the money and the girl, and realizes you have to accept who you are.    

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