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George Snyder



          Started by publishing short stories in men’s magazines and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. First novel, “The Surfer Killers” published as “Surfside Sex” by Playtime Books (part of Neva Paperbacks) in early sixties. With Merit and Award books and through promoter Lyle Kenyon Engel, wrote seven Nick Carter spy/adventure screw and kill books. One book, “The Defector” went into three printings and was translated into French and Japanese. And as Patrick Morgan, wrote ten spy/thrillers in the Operation Hang Ten series with titles like, “Hang Dead Hawaiian Style”(translated into French and Japanese), “Cute and Deadly Surf Twins”, “Deadly Group Down Under” “Too Mini Murders” etc. As Ray Stanley, wrote “The Hippy Cult Murders,” loosely based on Charles Manson.

          Cruising under sail, made a solo voyage from Seattle to Alaska and return, and spent a year sail-exploring the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. Characters met during that cruise were chronicled in “Baja Sailor Tales.” Hold an Advanced Open Ocean scuba certification and have motorcycle toured over 250,000 miles. Served in the U.S. Navy as a jet fighter mechanic aboard aircraft carriers moving through the Far East.

With a work resume that reads like the yellow pages of a phone book, have been delivery truck driver, newspaper stuffer, door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, gas station attendant, machinist, sailor, motorcycle mechanic, bowling alley pin setter, box boy, ship cook’s helper, deck hand, retail clerk and manager, sporting goods and auto parts salesman, fishing vessel crew, lumberjack, shipyard welder, missile assembler, riveter, drill press operator, metal plater, phone installer, postal clerk and carrier, industrial safety engineer, facilities engineer, assembly lead man, machine parts planner, material review board rep, research and development engineer, composite laminate engineer, apartment maintenance construction worker, missile heat shield lay-up assembler, helicopter rework/modification planner, Navy jet fighter mechanic, sheet metal worker, salvage scuba diver, yacht racing navigator, aircraft technical writer, hydraulic systems designer, security guard, prospector, retail hardware associate, treasure hunter, auto driving instructor, editor, publisher, auto racing journalist, yacht designer, boat builder, travel writer and novelist. Retired at 55 as Senior Editor of Technical Publications from McDonnell-Douglas (Boeing).

          In the late seventies, wrote a sci-fi Romance “Beyond Gender Wars,” eventually published as eBook by Extasy Publishing in 2010. Self-published three books in Baylor Rumble series, “Bad Girl Dead,” “Bleeding Sisters,” “Catalina Killers,” as well as non-fiction book, “Making it on Social Security” and two memoirs, “The $900 Honda” and “Roar and Thunder.” In 2011 connected with BooksForABuck Publishing that published “Satin Shorts,” and 2012 “The Crossfire Diamonds.” Also in 2012 received an award from the Southwestern Writers Conference, Albuquerque in the mystery/detective/thriller category for crime novel, “The Farewell Heist,” published by BooksForABuck in July 2013. Solstice Publishing brought out the eBook of #4 in the Baylor Rumble crime novel series, “Baja Bullets” and in 2013 the printed version.

In 2013 launched new, Logan Sand hardboiled crime series. The first novel, “The Calcutta Dragon” and second, “Plundered Angels” are now complete. In May, 2013 signed contract with television media production company Villavision for a 24 month film option on “Baja Bullets.”   

Presently writing first draft in series for kick-ass gal Private Eye, Makayla Tuff: “Pillow Shot.”

Thanks for your interest.

George Snyder



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