Sunday, April 27, 2014

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For Colt Fallon, a fat reward to return the kidnapped girl instead of a risky ransom, plus taking a few million in diamonds from a safe-deposit box might work despite being crossed by his ex-girlfriend, Nikki, and if he didn’t get killed by the kidnapper Waco Martin seeking revenge, or the tall, beautiful black sniper for The Principles, Yolanda Smart. In chases that lead from Lake Tahoe to the Northwest to the Bahamas in everything from a battered van to a Chinese junk, Colt Fallon is stripped of everything as he meets with double-cross, treachery, killings, and bullet wounds, while he tries to stay alive long enough for a payday, some love with his new nurse Denise, and a long sail into the sunset… 

Tough hardboiled crime novel.

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