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          There are many more than I have listed here. But you go to this link and it sends you to that link and soon you have a good base. If you’re savvy about the writing racket you already know about necessary social networks like Facebook and Twitter and Google and LinkedIn and Goodbooks and Goodreads (just bought out by Amazon), so I’ll start with a great source of links:


101 Best Web Sites for Writers.

This is put out by Writer’s Digest, a monthly mag that these days appear to be pushing the high-priced self-publish printers like Outskirts and I-Universe. If you want to go self-publish, there are many better paths. But make sure you have exhausted the small publishers first. Be careful about subscribing to the WD newsletter, you’ll be bombarded with ads and general junk. But I guess that’s what all newsletters do.


Joe Konrath has his ‘A Newbie Guide to Publishing’ listed with New Year’s Resolutions. This guy is probably the richest self-publisher going. Good reading.


Unless you live under a truck tire, you already know these people. The giants of book distribution. If your book is listed you reach 85% of all readers out there. Reaching and impressing are not the same, though. They have publishing schemes that I hear can be lucrative. And there is Kindle. I have one and do read books on it but I still like turning pages. Check them out. 


One of my publishers. The best contract in the business. Sorry, newbie, they no longer accept new writers, concentrating on their regulars, like me.


They recently published one of my books, and even wangled a movie option on it, but as agent took a 25% cut on a take-it-or-leave-it contract. They may become the source for my Baylor Rumble crime series new revised editions. A so-so contract. At another time I’m going to devote a blog to publisher contracts and what is ‘standard’ then and now.


Kevin Burton Smith runs this from Lake Havasu. Much great stuff if you’re into crime or thrillers or mysteries. His main focus is on the private eye series character, and he has an extensive list. He does reviews and was even kind enough to review one of my Baylor Rumble novels. He also writes articles for Mystery Scene Magazine, which caters to the well known and famous, writers and publishers. You won’t likely see anything from BooksForABuck or Solstice or Moonshine Cove Publishing there. Speaking of which…


Relatively new (about three years) they read the query on my first Logan Sand tough, hardboiled series and asked to see the full manuscript. A couple weeks later, they wrote that ‘The Calcutta Dragon’ worked for them and they wanted to send me a contract. Oh-boy-oh-boy. After receiving the contract and seeing many changes needed, I sent them back a modified version. We’ll see what happens. What I like about Moonshine Cove is lots of reviews all over the books. Sure they’re from other writers, but to me reviews sell books. And that’s why we’re here, right? 


Run by David Ball out of Alabama, he’ll list your book if you let him know at:


Run by James Cox, a site filled with keen stuff, not the least being many reviews. They’ll review your book and post it on their site. Send them a book of postage stamps with your masterpiece.


Predators and Editors with info and listings of every agent and publisher you need to know. Not all of them but enough to keep you busy. Really, if you haven’t heard of these guys, you’re so new in the racket you need to study a lot more about sources. Begin here.


That’s all I have time and space for here. There are many more and maybe I’ll make another list later. These should keep you out of dumpsters clawing for aluminum cans for a spell.


George Snyder




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